The Last Oracle of Luud

from by Lizards Have Personalities



I prefer the sensation of discomfort
to almost anything I can name or speak of
lately I'm a struggling insect smeared beneath boots
severed limbs flailing, detached from their roots
others would whimper but I'm calmly mute
dizzy from blood loss but blissful in truth

soaking up sun rays
longing for evaporation
scorched upon asphalt
my middle name is desperation
the tingle of disintegration
addictions that I've yet to shake
this exoskeleton aches to be dust
bathing in star light
demanding for swift transpiration
tangled in silk webs
haunted by the realization
euphoric as the fangs sink in
a craving that just can't be faked
this abdomen begs to be pierced
drowning in desire
lusting for vaporization
clinging to carnage
I refute this respiration
anxious for extermination
obsessed with this imminent fate
in time these limbs will severe themselves

there is no life left to drain from me


from Lizards Have Personalities, released July 29, 2014



all rights reserved