That's Punk Optimist Sailing Team

by Lizards Have Personalities

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a compilation put together by Alexander Berntsen at That's Punk.

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1. Phasma Phasmatis - The Prostitute Brought Me Flowers
2. Sealings - Panadol
3. Teens - Sun
4. Trampoline Dreamers - Howl // Two Dollar Mascara
5. Built Nest Sleep - Tell Me How To Do The Way You Want Me To
6. Lizards Have Personalities - un coup de des jamis n'abolira le hasard
7. Guidelines - Vanquish
8. Nightmares - Hipster Thrash
9. Nightmares - Toothless
10. Isaie Buried Memorial - Burn Kibboutz Burn
11. Isaie Burued Memorial - Le Syndrome de Peter Pan
12. Mamma, Jeg Blor... - My Eyes Can't Cry Anymore Beacause They Are All Out Of Liquid
13. Mamma, Jeg Blor... - True Love
14. The Whoopass Girls - Memorial
15. Beau Navire - Sanctus Locus
16. Emo Summer - Lota
17. Emo Summer - Tuna Can
18. Emo Summer - Man Sitting in Chair, Staring at a Cube
19. El Spectre - The Shiney
20. El Spectre - Tides
21. Indietrash - asshole
22. Indietrash - pc medley
23. A Shadow Of A Doubt - The Rivers Will Flow On Without Us
24. Reaching Away - No Hope For Healing
25. Don Quichote - Valerie
26. iwrotehaikusaboutcannabalisminyouryearbook - untitled
27. Mapadelmundo - Это не сон! Всё отлично! Все наконец-то умерли!
28. Adoor - Toetag Time In Teenville
29. Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson - Zimbabwe Optimist Sailing Team


released January 12, 2011



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Track Name: Un coup de dés jamais n’abolira le hasard
"i didn't go to the moon. i went much further. for time is the longest distance between two places"

throw regrets like stones into the sea
make wishes on stars never to be seen
i know that each will fail
which begs the question why i'm still here
your voice still resonates in my ears
and i just want to drown my fears
with this fucking bottle and these fucking songs
because you were right all along