Snows of Kilimanjaro

by Lizards Have Personalities

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released November 1, 2010

mae m. - vox/guitar
paul w. - bass
petra l. - drums

recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kerry Ritter at Flooded Studios



all rights reserved
Track Name: In The Wake of a Dying Kite
lowering the casket into the ground;
years of hope and love disappear without a sound.
Track Name: Dinosaura, We
just follow the path that led to this death:
one thousand unfolded paper cranes
"this is for peace.
let the bombs drop!
we're not to blame.
bury the girl!"
but I cannot fathom their vile

fall in line we're all soldiers of war
our hearts have been taken prisoner to this world
this is it
this is our time
this is it
let the bombs fly

we have become everything that we said we would never let ourselves become
we have become everything that we said we would never become

she's not alone in her grave tonight
and neither am I
Track Name: Upon A Scarlet Sunset
this is not my life
it's a sham that has left my body atrophied
will someone untie this noose from my neck?
this is not my life
it's a nightmare and I've been falling forever
but when my face hits the pavement I don't wake up
I'm left drowning in a pool of bile and blood

this is not my life
but of course I'll let this train wreck hit me head on this time around
each full moon brings the same fucking mood
I can't help but be consumed

I lost what I had
I hate what I loved
I loathe what I dream
this is not my life

I'm left staring at my own shadows in the candle light
waiting for a change to come that probably never will
Track Name: For Once, Then, Something
we're at the same crossroads again
and I'm just wondering when
I can walk away from the choice you made
my memories hung themselves
staring up at the moon for too long
remembering how you said we'd take the world by storm

my eyes have rusted over
my tongue is rotting out of my body
the stench of the past is overwhelming
the most beautiful songs become crippling melodies

so why did I deserve to feel my own eyes glaze over?
the sound of my lungs collapsing still overtakes the laughter.
can only remember hearing "this wasn't your fault, love"
but you and I both know you are and always will be a fucking liar.
Track Name: C'était hier l'été...voici l'automne
est-ce ainsi que tu tu amuser?
démontant les autres
je suis un insecte à vous
mais je suis rien à moi

l'odeur sur mon lit.
ma chanson préférée.
rappelle des souvnir
je ne veux pas savoir.
la cicatrices sur mon bras.
une photo brûlée
je rêve cela que je ne savais jamais

faire semblant que tout entre tu et moi n'était jamais là
ouvrir nos mains, fermez tes yeux
et tourner loin sans dire au revoir

je m'attends être seul
Track Name: Snows of Kilimanjaro
I've been drawing interstates over veins
because all I want to do is get away from this place
but I can't find the strength in these legs to rid myself of this hell that I've made
so what am i waiting for?
i know I don't deserve to be alone
but I've convinced myself otherwise my entire life
and now nothingness is my only home

all I've done for days is read Frost and Hemingway
and think about the way you'd breathe down the back of my neck
all these fucking nights run together
this is not my life, it's a nightmare

I don't expect to make it out alive
there's no sin worse than being
slaughtering myself by begging for love
I need to keep from destroying me
do beating hearts mean we're alive and bleeding wounds mean we're aware?
because I know in the end when my corpse is underground
this will all be forgotten