Lizards Have Personalities - Todos Caerán - Book of Caverns - ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! Split

by Lizards Have Personalities

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download the entire split here:

1. Lizards Have Personalities - Je suis fait d'ombre et de marbre
2. Lizards Have Personalities - Ptolomea
3. ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! - Dr. John Dee
4. ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! - Sin Dolor No Hay Presencia
5. Todos Caerán - The Gernsback Continuum
6. Todos Caerán - Fragments of a Hologram Rose
7. Book of Caverns - Marial Bai
8. Book of Caverns - Highway Two

We couldn't have done this without the help of these awesome dudes:

ghost & demons records

a mountain far

r o y

romantic song recordings


Thank you to Todos Caerán, Book of Caverns, & ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio!. We're extremely honored to be a part of a release with these amazing bands and solid dudes.


released June 25, 2011

all music/lyrics written by Lizards Have Personalities.

recorded by Lizards Have Personalities
mixed/mastered by Kerry Ritter at Flooded Studios (St. Jacob, IL)



all rights reserved
Track Name: Je suis fait d'ombre et de marbre
le lever du soleil est le plus triste paysage.
une mémoire à jamais gravée dans ma cervelle
pas des paroles. pas des pensées.
votre visage blanc comme la neige.
tu te retire au silence savoir la vérité.
rien ne dure jamais.

j'aurais dû mieux savoir

les sourires sont trompeuses.
le rire est éphémère.
la lune se cache derrière les nuages
comme un soupir glisse vers le bas à l'arrière de ton cou.
le fantôme de regrette.

tes yeux déchirer la chair de ma peau.
ta souffle est une tempête parfaite.
ton voix est une chanson que je ne chante plus
ta toucher est le rêve mais je ne dors

la vérité est mon âme m'a laissé.
il ne reste rien à mon nom.
lorsque se lever de soleil s'abat sur nous
je m'adresse à toi et dire:
ma chère, je suis fait d'ombre et de marbre.

the sunrise is the saddest landscape.
a memory forever etched in my brain.
no words. no thoughts.
your face turns white as snow as
you withdraw to silence knowing the truth.
nothing lasts forever.

I should have known better

smiles are deceiving.
laughter is ephemeral.
the moon hides behind clouds
as a sigh slides down the back of your neck;
the ghost of regret.

your eyes tear the flesh from my skin.
your breath is a perfect storm.
your voice is a song I can't sing anymore.
your touch is a dream but I can't sleep

the truth is my soul has left me.
there is nothing left to my name.
when the sunrise comes upon us
I will address you and say:
my dear, I am made of shadows and marble.
Track Name: Ptolomea
"Oh yes. Yes, I believe... I believe in death. I believe in disease.
I believe in injustice and inhumanity and torture and anger and hate.
I believe in murder. I believe in pain. I believe in cruelty and infidelity.
I believe in slime and stink and in every crawling putrid thing.
Every possible ugliness and corruption, you son of a bitch.
I believe... in you."

I decline to accept the end of us
But since you insist on denying me of my reason to be
I must confess I thought you were flawless
But honestly I never did trust myself much

the look on your face was priceless to say the least
when you ripped out the heart from my chest and it kept it's beat
and I've let myself down more times than I count
but this time around my bones will stand their ground

so bring on this apocalypse
I was born to brave the storm
I will slit the throat of your ghost
even if it drags my soul
with it into the deepest darkness
with every promise you couldn't keep.
my body remains with the leaves.