In All Honesty

by Lizards Have Personalities

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released February 3, 2010

mae m. - skramz vox/guitar
paul w. - hxc vox/bass
drums r fake

mixed, and mastered by Kerry Ritter at Flooded Studios



all rights reserved
Track Name: Like Lifetime Movies
life is like a shitty lifetime movie
but it ends like a discount store novel.
the Shakespere sonnet didn't hold this time.
my hands reached out for yours but were declined
in a dream I felt your cheekbones against my thighs.
my eyes were closed tight so I couldn't tell that you were crying.
we've all been lying since the day that they were open.
we've all been waiting to die cause we're all broken
and we'll never be fixed

when we were young we dreamt of flying.
now that we're older we're just closer to dying.
what has all this useless breathing brought me?
where has this philosophy sent me off searching blindly?

she screamed, "what do you want from me?
what makes you think that I owe my whole life to you?"
well, what did you promise me?
what did you whisper in your basement three years ago?
'I'll always be in love.'

but love is like ghost
(nothing's real)
Track Name: The Heart's Descent
[Tes beaux yeux sont las, pauvre amante!
Reste longtemps, sans les rouvrir,
Dans cette pose nonchalante où t'a surprise le plaisir.
Dans la cour le jet d'eau qui jase et ne se tait ni nuit ni jour,
Entretient doucement l'extase où ce soir m'a plongé l'amour.

La gerbe épanouie en mille fleurs,
Où Phoebé réjouie
Met ses couleurs,
Tombe comme une pluie de larges pleurs.

Ainsi ton âme qu'incendie
L'éclair brûlant des voluptés
S'élance, rapide et hardie,
Vers les vastes cieux enchantés.
Puis elle s'épanche, mourante,
En un flot de triste langueur,
Qui par une invisible pente
Descend jusqu'au fond de mon coeur.

La gerbe épanouie en mille fleurs,
Où Phoebé réjouie met ses couleurs,
Tombe comme une pluie de larges pleurs.

Ô toi, que la nuit rend si belle,
Qu'il m'est doux, penché vers tes seins,
D'écouter la plainte éternelle
Qui sanglote dans les bassins!
Lune, eau sonore, nuit bénie,
Arbres qui frissonnez autour,
Votre pure mélancolie
Est le miroir de mon amour.

La gerbe épanouie
En mille fleurs,
Où Phoebé réjouie
Met ses couleurs,
Tombe comme une pluie de larges pleurs. ]

I can hear the phantoms in the walls.
they whisper: "we've got you right where we want you.
we are the ghosts of every time you thought that you were happy.
you had life figured out? yeah fucking right.
we are the phantoms of your past.
we'll haunt you 'till the day you die.
your last thoughts will be of how you failed yourself not how you tried."
and now I'm, I'm tired.

my last words:
I'm not a mind reader but I can tell by the silence
whats going to come right off your tongue.
so spare your precious breath, love, and mock my broken heart.
just walk away and leave your phantoms here to stay until the day I die.

I've grown tired.

I give up. dig my grave.
hell, I welcome the worms to feast.
I give up. don't save me.
maybe these ghosts won't follow me.
(I've grown tired)
Track Name: The Plight of Eurydice
you built our home of lies,
then set it on fire with your eyes.
the smoke cracked open the sky.
fuck, I wouldn't expect less of you.
you charged me with its decay
as the night blended into the day
your nails dug deeper and deeper into my skin and through my bones.
now, the sun laughs at my obedience.
the moon aids your defiance.
the stars in your alliance.
now and the snow and the cold are my only home.
Track Name: We'll Always Have Paris
lets tear this universe apart
sever ties with past and future hearts.
I'll bore my nails into the fabric of space-time and bray my teeth.
lets rip this universe apart
start with the Earth; end with the stars
I'll finish what you started with that one whispered word.

nothing is set in stone.
the center cannot hold.
by now you've come to know,
we're floating lifeless and alone.

let’s tear this universe apart
Falls mocking me with it's beauty
the vibrant colors used to remind me of your eyes.
let's rip this universe apart
start with the Moon; end with the stars
or with those scenic Parisian streets.

nothing is set in stone.
the center cannot hold.
by now you've come to know,
we're floating lifeless and alone.

everything is falling apart.
(nothing is set in stone. the center will not hold anymore.)
Track Name: ...So Beautiful In May
why am I still waiting on storms that won't pass?
Track Name: In All Honesty
while staring at the ceiling
I was overwhelmed by the feeling
I am certain that I am alone.
I thought about how vast this universe must be
and why there's so much suffering in this world.
the only thing I have is a pen and this broken voice
to scream into the nothing of this night.
I asked myself the question: do you ever think that you'll be saved?
and I, I answered back:
"no. who the fuck do you think is going to save you now?
when you can't love anything, especially yourself..."

then suddenly an indifference to this world
and everything took over me.
because I thought that this would change over time
but as usual I was wrong.
maybe this is why I can't breathe at night.
maybe this is why people cry:
because we're all a vast mistake that universe made when it unwillingly entered life.
and if by chance you're one of the lucky ones, save yourself.
because the rest of us are doomed to a life of solitude.

there is nothing left in this world for me.