21 Songs Compilation

by Lizards Have Personalities

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a compilation put together by Simon Maish of Bears.
contact: simon@maisch.com.au

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1. Crippled Children - Peter Pan Has a Mortgage
2. Elephant Opinions - Mindmaze
3. Oh, Deer! - Ships
4. World At A Glance - Summer Songs
5. Etai Keshiki - Angus
6. Innards - Memories Imploding/Accidents Bring Expletives
7. Nebraska - Escapism Comes in Two Hundred's
8. Animal Faces - Living Spaces
9. Panthalassa - VI
10. No Action - Mixed Messages (long version)
11. DramaComa - Hikayat Tin Kosong
12. Lizards Have Personalities - Let Your Heart Guide You. It Whispers So Listen Closely.
13. BEARS - Daxx (live at the Brisbane)
14. Manku Kapak - Ignorie
15. Edison - ii
16. Descubriendo a Mr.Mime - Impactrueno
17. Family Patches - Heritage
18. Laatste Halte - Behind These Masks
19. Todos Caeran - The Wild Sheep Chase
20. Laeirs - Charlotte (For You)
21. Praesentia - I'll Die


released January 2, 2011

"Let Your Heart Guide You. It Whispers So Listen Closely." was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Lizards Have Personalities. all other songs were mixed and mastered individually.



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Track Name: Let your heart guide you. It whispers so listen closely.
I'm biting the inside of my mouth to make sure I'm still alive
but I'm numb to the pain. so am I?
when I speak my words are ignored or freeze over
and lately I've been suffocating to breathe
can someone explain that to me?
on the coldest nights when blankets aren't enough
I wrap myself in thoughts of you
because it's all I can do anymore
all I know is there's not enough strength in these bones to persuade my heart to keep beating after you leaving
now I breathe in sighs as a compromise with your ocean eyes for one fucking last try
don't you dare say a word
let the silence stay
just let the silence stay
put your finger tip to my lips so I'm not afraid
somehow we'll stomach this decay together