Monstrum in Fronte, Monstrum in Animo

from by Lizards Have Personalities



rusty nails in my flesh
paint thinner on my breath
shards of glass in my teeth
barbed wire around my neck
black widows in my bed
methods to induce sleep

I amputated my arms
but they grew back just to spite me
you decapitated my head
but were surprised to see it smirking
I sewed my heart to my sleeve
so you could watch it beating
you held it in your palm
and crushed it without blinking

I'm not sure which one of us is the monster

lets play a game called 'how over dramatic and self-loathing can I fucking be?'
we're both waiting for me to die
and last night I saw a shooting star
can you guess on what I wished for?
how long will it take to replace me?
forget my face, erase me
exorcise those memories
slit the throat of our history
you can do anything that you want
just don't pretend to miss me when I'm gone


from Lizards Have Personalities, released July 29, 2014



all rights reserved