I'm held hostage by my own flesh
I peel it off but it scabs up quickly
I'm weighed down by my own bones
I sand them to dust but they're twice as heavy
I'm suffocated by my own lungs
I cough them up but they crawl back in me
I'm disgusted by my own thoughts
I black them out but they return swiftly

I miss the sting of your hands around my throat
the stench of your spit on my face
the mock of your laugh when I speak
I need the pang of sex in my veins
friction scars covering my knees
I'm addicted to love that is fake

I'm not sure
I'm still me
but I am sure
I don't care
I've tasted sweat
I've bathed in it
and I am sure
I'm sold

the spindle fell off its axis
hence the miscalculation
it sunk through the Earth like a casket
my thread is far too long
I doused my soul in acid
it wept as the noose tightened around it
I grinned at its plight for redemption
my thread is far too long


from Lizards Have Personalities, released July 29, 2014



all rights reserved